We use these technologies

  • Digital printing
  • UV inkjet printing
  • Screen printing (Sierography)
  • Pad printing
  • Offset printing
  • Flexo printing ( Aniline printing)
  • Cutting
  • Others


On the scope of improving our services for the customers we are constantly obliged to innovate and improve our methods and technologies. In December we have changed our present printer Xerox DC 252 by the new one Xerox C75 which offers more effective solutions for printing. Colourful producing printer Xerox C75 reaches higher quality of printing, which satisfies also the most demanding customers. Thanks to the excellent quality of colours with the Fogra certification and PANTONE license for calibration of direct colours according to the PANTONE Matching system we are also able to satisfy customer´s requirements, who use the direct colours for branding identification of visual connections of line materials as are marketing materials, direct mail shipments or visit cards. Media with high grammage and special media create winning combinations which leave behind impressive impression in applications from visit cards to prospectus. Colourful producing printer Xerox C75 prints in the same great quality on media of higher and lower grammages, so that is the customer sure, that the prints will look according to his requirements. If we combine media with high grammages and special media, we can produce applications with high value, which was not possible until now.
Technical parameters:
Maximum media format 13” × 19,2” / SRA3 / 330 mm × 488 mm
Maximum printed area 12,72” × 18,9” / 323 mm × 480 mm
Printing/copying: 2400 x 2400 dpi
Scanning: 200 × 200, 300 × 300, 400 × 400, 600 × 600
Line raster: dot raster 600, 300, 200, 150 dpi, line raster 200 lpi*, stochastic raster*


The professional option which brings to you complete solution for label printing from one roll to another one, it is ideal solution for short and medial production, we can produce labels in any shape together with additional plotter equipment according to the customer´s requirements. The possibility of printing variable data.
Printing speed: 9.14 metres / min (30ft/min)
Printing technology: Single Pass 4 Colour LED ( CMYK)
Printing processor: CP U: 533 MHz Memory: 512MB Hard Disk: 40GB Internal
Width of media: Maximum width of roll 216mm (8.5”), minimum width of roll: 152.4mm (6.0”)
Printing width: Maximum 209.3mm (8.24”)
Printing length: till to 213.4m (700ft)
Types of substrate: The self – adhesive material, labels cut before with pulled back grid, labels cut before with not pulled grid, labels which were not cut before, approved films, approved synthetic materials.
Printing quality: 1200 x 600dpi



  • printing of the wide range media including paper, film, leather, carton, plastic materials, metal, polycarbonates and other solid substratum ( except for metals) to 1 mm
  • high quality printing mode ( 1440 x 1440 dpi) for applications, which require sharp, detailed graphic and text
  • it is possible to combine matt and glossy surface finishes in several coats to interesting patterns and texts ( also in Braill letter signs)
  • the graphic should be bent and extended on the edges of the things without cracking of
  • higher productivity at an affordable price
  • it produces completed prototypes, labels and products
  • we offer three configurations of ink for meeting individual business requirements:
    ..CMYK + white + varnish: standard configuration of ink for supporting the widest range of applications
    ..CMYK + white+ white: configuration of white coating ink allows the printing on the clear foils for smooth packaging of prototypes
    ..CMYK + varnish + varnish: creates glossy colourful 3D effect

Max. depth of board media: 3 mm
Max. width of board media: 600 mm
Max. width of standard media: 762 mm
Max. resolution: 1440 dpi


The LEF-20 features a significantly expanded print area that is approximately twice that of our previous model,* allowing you to print directly on objects up to 508 mm width, 330 mm length, and 100 mm in height. At 20 inches wide, the LEF-20 combines a new, more powerful UV-LED curing system, advanced ECO-UV ink, and optimized print control technology to bring greater productivity. Twenty built-in media settings are available as presets, allowing you to instantly select just the right settings for your most popular jobs.



SOLJET PRO 4 XF-640, Roland’s fastest printer ever. Featuring the industry’s latest print head technology, the XF-640 delivers exceptional image quality at the highest speeds. Durable construction and advanced media handling systems stabilize every movement of the printer for flawless imaging. Powerful RIP software automates the workflow for easy operation and reliable results.

High – density ECO-SOL MAX 2 ink ensures vivid color reproduction. Based on award winning Roland ink technology, ECO-SOL MAX 2 is our newest and most advanced eco-solvent formulation to date. ECO-SOL MAX 2 ink adheres strongly to a variety of coated and uncoated media for rich, saturated colors and sharp images. Formulated to dry quickly, ECO-SOL MAX 2 offers outstanding long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance and a wide color gamut – all without any nickel compounds.

Screen printing (Sierography)

Screen printing is used for printing of clothes, glass, china, printing of present articles, gifts (metal, plastic things, carrying bags, diary jackets). The paper printing is used less and in principle it applies that in comparison with offset printing is screen printing technology more preferable in delivery of 400 pieces.

The advantage of screen printing is a high ink film, unlimited possibilities for the choice of printed material and effectiveness also in small amounts of deliveries.

According to the customer ´s requirements we are able to produce stickers printed on the inner side, outer side and bilaterally also or stickers bathed in the resin.

Usage – printing of advertising stickers, labels, T – shirts, clothes, working clothes, bags, production labels…

Pad printing

The Pad printing or pad print is one of the most widely used technologies which is used for personalization, branding or printing of advertising articles.

The highest usage is given in the case of small things and things made of plastic.

Therefore the Pad printing is the most widely used for printing of pens, lighters, watches, calculators…

Offset printing

By the use of offset printing we can print for you: heading paper, company papers, delivery notes, carbonless notebooks, envelopes…

Flexo printing ( Aniline printing)

The printing technology which uses printing from the height, the printing uses photopolymer printing form, where are the printing places exalted above the unprintable surface. The colour is laid on the cliché by the metallic raster roller (anilox roller with extricated scores). The flexo printing machines are used in the roller printing and the production of the self – adhesive labels on the roll.

EDALE FL3 – New machine for a variety of applications.

General specifications – Print UV Flexo, Water based flexo, 8 colors. Thickness of the substrat 12-450 micrometers.

selfadhesive labels
wraparound labels for mineral water, beverages …
shrink sleeves
packaginf for fats – butter foil …
aluminium foil – lids for yogurt
cardboard – roll material
tape for bread
hygienic food packaging – tea, sugar…
packaging for frozen food, ice cream…
packaging for toothpaste, creams, medicaments…

Folil Cutter KAMPF




Laser engraving