Our paper

  • Perforated paper
  • Packaging paper

Perforated paper

– exclusively recycled paper, which meets the antistatic conditions and has high mechanical tensile properties is mainly used for the production
Paper is produced in rolls in the widths of 81, 91,100,162,182,202 cm, but they can be also used in other dimensions.
It is produced in 70 and 80g/m2 grammages.
Paper is delivered and packed in approx. 15,18,25 and 30kg rolls.
Usage: as a primer layer for vacuum clamping of substance in CAD, CAM systems, in clothing industry as in closing and shearing workrooms. We also deliver HDPE foil, thermo adhesive paper and cartons for design production as an additional material for the shearing workrooms.
MIKROFORATA – 50g paper with a new type of cut in the form of triangle.

Packaging paper

It is delivered in the widths of 50 and 81 cm, and in the lengths of 25 and 50 m.
Usage: packaging of products, protection against contamination while painting and reconstructions of the companies or households…