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  • Fully coloured labels on the roll – low value shipment
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  • Graphic labels
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  • Cloth tape
  • Textile Labels

Print labels

Self-adhesive labels on the sheets in the A4 format are produced by the cutting of the top layer with protecting edge and strong adhesive, acrylic – dispersion glue. High quality material allows the optimum toner adhesion; high resolution ability and clear image using modern copying devices, laser printers and eventually offset machines. The protecting edges around the circle of the arche are able to prevent the blocking up of the glue in the printing appliance.
According to the customer´s requirements is possible to offer the multi-coloured printing of print labels on the given dimensions.
Usage: logistic and distribution labels, product marking, address labels, office evidence, media marking…
In the offer are white, coloured and radiant labels. The standard package includes 100, 500 and 1000 A4 sheets.

Information on use

Labels for packaging industry

New addition in machine park MiF – EDALE FL3. Products: wraparound labels for mineral waters, beverages, shrink sleeves, butter foil, lids for yougurts, tape for bread, hygienic food packaging – tea, sugar, packaging for frozen food, ice cream, selfadhesive labels.

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PET laser labels

Foil polyester labels which are designed for printing in the laser printers in A4 format. It is ideal solution for the printing of industry labels, exterior labels etc. We can find them in white, transparent and silver design.

Labels in A6 format

The labels are determined for hand description in 9 different dimensions offered in white or colourful designs. The package contains 15 arches with white labels or 10 arches with 10 colourful labels.

Fully coloured labels on the roll – low value shipment

Fully coloured labels on the roll with the printing on digital media are mainly determined for labels in low value shipments, in which is the customer advantaged, because the costs of cutting and printing forms are abandoned. The design is indicated according to the customer ´s requirements. The customer has possibility of printing on different materials as papers, foils, material determined for vine labels etc.

Thermal transfer labels

Self- adhesive labels on the roll are used for additional printing of data in the machines working on the thermal transfer principle of printing. By the heating is the colouring agent carried through the special tape to the printed material. Types of materials: Vellum, MC Primecoat, PET,PP,PE,PVC etc.
Usage: logistic and distribution labels, product marking, printing of EAN codes, marking of individual types of low value shipment series of products, etc.

    Thermo labels

    The self-adhesive labels on the roll are mainly used for printing of particularly changeable statements in the printing machines, which are using the principle of invocating colourful reaction of the top material on the thermo labels by heating.
    The choice of the right material depends on the environment, where the applied product will be placed.
    Material thermo eco and thermo top.
    Usage: in the weighing systems for marking of the product name, its weight, price, bar code, time of expiration and other statements and alike.

    Graphic labels

    The self-adhesive labels processed on the basis of the graphic model, which is created according to the customer´s imagination and produced by the modern technologies on the printing machines in different shapes and dimensions.
    Labels are reeled on the roll or on the sheets.
    Usage: marking of various types of products, information about the product or the producer in different areas of industry e.g. food industry, electrical engineering, automotive field or chemical industry, agriculture or services.

    Labels in the labelling pincers

    Otherwise also price labels are also mainly determined for using in labelling pincers on operative marking of products and their packaging by prices, eventually other statements about the product.

    Labels are in white and radiant design in different dimensions.

    Tabulating labels

    The self-adhesive labels with side guiding perforation placed on the unlimited strip of fanfold sheets are mainly determined for printing in the dot printers.
    Usage: for printing and data processing in the offices, public administration, and banks and alike.


    – are produced of high quality metallized foil with excellent adhesion. Silky silver colour ensures attractive metallic appearance. The printed symbol is resistant to strong wearing and chafage. The diameter is 75mm.

    Thermal transfer tapes

    – it is determined for additional printing of wide range materials from printing media to the thermal transfer printers and the users often call them by different names as e.g. colouring tapes, TTR, ribbon, thermal transfer foil…
    The tapes are divided according to the printed materials into three basic groups, which are WAX, WAX/RESIN, RESIN and they are in different colours and dimensions according to the type of the thermal transfer printer and additional printing material or self – adhesive labels ( paper, plastic materials, clothes…)and required resistance of additional printing against various influences ( abrasion, washing, solution agent, higher temperature, climatic influences and others). Pigment which is carried on the carrying foil is lofted and carried on the additional printing material by heating and compression through the printing head using the electronic way. The tapes delivered by our company contains protective coat which prevents excessive wearing of printing head.

    The thermal transfer tapes are delivered with inner wound IN (pigment is on the inner side of carrying foil) , or with outer wound OUT ( pigment is on the outer side of carrying foil) according to the printer type.

    The most common are tapes rolled on the paper 1” /25,4mm/ tube in industry types of printers and in some cases also on the plastic tubes. In small table printers is usually used paper 0,5 “ / 12,4 mm/ tube with notches.

    Cloth tape and duct tape

    It tends to simple manual sticking without rippling and it is adapted on the roughness of the surface. It has high adhesion for the wide range of surfaces as fibre, vinyl, leather, plastic materials, metal, laminating material etc.
    This tape has high resistance against galling and tearing in comparison with standard tapes, and it has also attractive silver surface and great initiative adhesion.
    Cloth tape – strong adhesiveness.
    Duct tape – medial adhesiveness.
    Advantages: flexible and adaptable tape, resistant to humidity, rewriting, it offers high firmness and adhesiveness, resistance against high temperatures, it is produced of strong and resistant fibre.
    Usage: it is ideal for tightness, joining, masking, holding and saving applications, universal for maintenance and facing, binding carpets and their facing, automotive, protection of edges, stops, electro industry, difficult packaging for army purposes, oblong binding, exterior repairs, resistant masking and other types of repairs.

    Textile tapes and textile labels

    Textile Nylon ribbons are designed for printing on thermal transfer printers, labels are used in the textile industry for labeling of products. We supply pure ribbons and printed labels.

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